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5 Ways Video Conferencing Extends Collaboration in Classrooms

Jul 20, 2016 3:00:00 PM / by Pinnaca



High-speed internet is almost standard at most educational institutes now days, withincreasing demand to provide distance education and courses. Schools have an expectation, more than ever, to find innovative ways to connect other faculty, students, experts and staff in a way that is easily accessible. Opening up courses to rural communities and people is a great way to extend learning beyond the classroom, but how can it be accomplished? How can you make experiences more collaborative with remote educators, experts and students?

Video conferencing opens up the ability to:

  1. Record class sessions for playback, sharing or download
  2. Share presentations and content
  3. Provide high quality display and audio
  4. Use multiple devices – tablets, laptops, computers, cell phones, anything with an internet connect and video camera / audio
  5. Connect rural communities

And, these examples above are just the beginning of video conferencing capabilities. Imagine a classroom where all participants can receive and share content, with multiple people, on any device of their choice. Remote experts can join your classroom to demonstrate or talk about a specific topic. Teachers can record sessions for students who may have missed class, or even record a video message. It sounds pretty great, right? Now, how do you make it happen?

Finding the Perfect Partner

The benefits are wide-ranging and extend collaborative experiences in a cost-effective way. If you’ve considered distance education or distance learning for your institution, you probably have a lot of questions about how it can meet your institution’s needs – that’s where Pinnaca comes in. We’ve been industry pioneers in partnering with leading name vendors, including Vidyo, Pexip, Polycom, Cisco and Acano, to provide you with a solution that works for your institution. And, we even have experience with leveraging government grants to replace or enhance your distance education programs and technology.

See how Pinnaca partners with you to transform your classroom(s).


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