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Australian Telehealth Network Launches its Video Consultation Services in Partnership with BCS Global and Vidyo

Apr 12, 2016, 8:26:54 AM / by Chris Townsend

Chris Townsend

London, United Kingdom and Melbourne, Australia – December 13, 2011 – Australian Telehealth Network (ATN), today announced the launch of its services in partnership with BCS Global Networks Limited, a leading worldwide provider of managed videoconferencing, telepresence, and visual collaboration services; and Vidyo Inc., the first company to deliver personal telepresence.

In announcing the partnership Mark Barnett, Executive Director of ATN said “The partnership was established to provide Australian aged care providers and physicians with the world’s best and most economical video conferencing technology. Aged care providers across the country have enormous difficulties in accessing GP services in a timely manner, which sometimes has serious and adverse outcomes for residents. ATN’s partnership with the world’s most advanced and cost effective video conference technology allows us to provide a cash flow positive service to aged care providers and physicians right from day one taking into account the Government’s $6,000 On-Board Incentive to assist the set-up of telehealth.”

The ATN service was stimulated by the Commonwealth Government’s $620 million Telehealth initiative aimed at increasing the uptake of telehealth among physician and aged care providers and physicians and hospitals in remote and regional Australia. ATN brings together aged care providers, General Practitioners and Specialists into one network, facilitating virtual face-to-face sharing of expertise and information from within the Australian network. In 2012, it is planned for the service to be launched in New Zealand as a way of growing the power and influence of the network.


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Chris Townsend

Written by Chris Townsend

Marketing Specialist, London Office