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3 Easy Steps to Finding a Video Conferencing System

May 13, 2016 10:00:00 AM / by Pinnaca


123.pngVideo conferencing doesn't have to be frustrating; in fact, it can be seamless when done correctly. Issues ranging from customer endpoints, service hardware, and dated connections are just a few of the frustrations you can put behind you. The world of video conferencing is quickly moving into the cloud, allowing end users to take advantage of services and programs designed to make everyone's life, both personal and business, easier.
3 easy steps to follow when considering a video conferencing system


 1. Look for a cloud-based conferencing system

Video conferencing should be easily accessible, and a cloud-based video conferencing system will allow the meeting to be set up on an account from any device. You also remove the majority of hardware onto your supplier. All you need are your endpoints.

 2. Think about integration with other systems

Are you planning a big meeting with a client or partner who uses a dedicated video conferencing system? They may be on a different platform, and you'll need to be able to communicate with them. Look for a video conferencing service that can communicate with both platforms and still allows you to chat.


 3. Consider a program that uses an address book system

If you will be using a video conferencing system company-wide, it should offer an easy to use address book system. This will allow you to quickly find and contact others within the organization. Also, other services offer concierge features to users, although, these are more likely to be on the higher end of the market.

Pinnaca makes it easy

Pinnaca's comprehensive video communication services are completely hosted and managed by us, across our global offices. Once your video endpoints are installed and connected, we will activate, maintain and support your chosen services.


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