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8 Common Body Language Mistakes

May 3, 2016 10:00:00 AM / by Pinnaca



Both in-person and video conferencing meetings have one important form of communication in common: body language. Attendees are able to tell when you are or aren’t engaged, paying attention or drifting off, and especially when you’re anxious or bored. No matter if you’re in person or on video, it’s just as dramatic when rolling your eyes, fidgeting with writing utensils or checking your email or phone. Body language mistakes are common and completely avoidable – make sure to check for these in your next in-person or video conference meeting.

Common body language mistakes:

  1.  Fidgeting with pens, pencils, headphones and other utensils
  2.  Slouching, crossed arms, bouncing legs or tapping feet
  3.  Adjusting or picking at clothing, nails or hair
  4.  Too much eye contact, no eye contact or rolling eyes
  5.  Checking emails or writing emails
  6.  Checking cell phone or text messaging
  7.  Scribbling or doodling on notebooks
  8.  Staring and/or dozing off

All attendees should be focused on the meeting and whomever is speaking, providing thoughtful feedback and non-verbal cues. What you say is just as important as how you compose yourself, no matter who is in the meeting or how it’s being conducted (in-person or over video).

Are you connecting through video meetings?

Body language is an important part of communication you don’t want to miss out on when having a meeting. About 65% of communication is non-verbal, and important to decipher no matter if the conversation is with a colleague or customer. Add professionalism and quality to every meeting with video conferencing solutions from Pinnaca. Our fully-managed audio and video offerings ensure your video meetings are seamless, every time.


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