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Today in Video, an Insider Series: BYOD in Collaborative Environments

Jun 10, 2016, 12:27:16 PM / by Pinnaca


Today in Video, an Insider Series, includes a variety of Q&A interviews with industry experts at Pinnaca. Each expert provides their input on key topics in visual communication and the impact on businesses.


An interview with Dan Giesen, Vice President of Global Operations at Pinnaca

Bring your own device, otherwise known as BYOD, has taken over the workforce. Employees and businesses alike enjoy many benefits reducing cost and enabling employees to be more productive and comfortable with their own technology. Although, several businesses have not created a BYOD policy to protect company information and sharing, a huge vulnerability gap that could potentially put the business at risk. How do business leaders determine such policies? What does BYOD look like in typical business environments? What are some of the challenges companies face allowing BYOD into their business?


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Written by Pinnaca