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Is Video replacing the Telephone?

May 19, 2016 9:00:00 AM / by Chris Townsend

Chris Townsend

Where Video Wins...

Whether you're holding conference calls, one to one meetings or interviews, Video Conferencing can offer you a simple to use and productive way of collaborating on a day to day basis.


Conference calls

Moving your conference calls to video offers a whole host of benefits, personal meeting spaces allow you to work together on live documents, easy dialing and contact directories, simple to use interfaces bring contacts together into virtual meeting spaces from anywhere around the world, at any time.


Phone interviews are sometimes a necessity when it comes to hiring new employees. Your decision to do them may be due to time management, or just to get an initial 'feeling' about your prospective new employee and phone interviews can't always provide you with all you need to know about your new prospect. Video Meetings are just as easy to set up as telephone interviews, although, they offer the added benefits of easy content sharing, inviting others (maybe managers) into rooms and recording functions to share for second, third and fourth stage review.


Within a few seconds, you can share live documents with anyone around the world and work together on important literature to get the job done efficiently. No uploads, no emails just share your screen live over the web on both dedicated software and over Web RTC.


Video meetings allow you take advantage of the other 65% of communications you're missing out on when a face to face meeting just can't be arranged. Being able to hold a conversation with a customer or colleague over video allows you to pick up on the majority of the non-verbal communication you would otherwise be missing. Whether it's seeing a concerned look when setting up a project, or seeing a customer visibly reassured by a customer service call. Video Conferencing can add an extra level of quality and professionalism to your business portfolio.


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Chris Townsend

Written by Chris Townsend

Marketing Specialist, London Office