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Using Video Conferencing for Legal and Government

Nov 30, 2016, 8:20:00 AM / by Chris Townsend

Chris Townsend

In the high stake world of Government and Law staff need to be able to communicate quickly, efficiently and securely. With Video Conferencing, it is possible to do all three.


We took a look at some of the key issues Video Conferencing tackles in the legal and government sector. 

The Benefits of using Video:

  • Efficiency
    Courts & Corrections facilities can use video to lower costs of transporting specialists, consultants, contributors and witnesses by conducting interviews via video. When legal advice, documentation is needed Video can help speed up the process improving efficiency and collaboration.

  • Training
    Video conferencing can be used to provide quick, cost effective and efficient training for government departments. Specialist can host and record training sessions that multiple people can attend from any location.

  • Easier Communication
    Increasing face-to-face interaction between geographically dispersed partners. Ideal for large law firms or different government departments. 

  • Saftey
    Fully hosted and managed Video Conferencing services offer users a secure private network meeting spaces that meet ISO27001 regulations.

  • Preparing witnesses
    Preparing witnesses for depositions, trials & reviewing findings after depositions can be done directly at any time, meaning it's easier to schedule meetings all can attend.


Video Conferencing

Video meetings can be run at the click of a button from your office directly to other computers, laptops, tablets, smartphones or directly into Video Conferencing boardrooms, across multiple platforms securely and privately. Potential new employees can be invited into your companies virtual rooms from anywhere around the globe. Share content or record calls to get the most for your business, enabling you to save time and increase communication. 

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Chris Townsend

Written by Chris Townsend

Marketing Specialist, London Office