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The business benefits of telecommuting

Aug 18, 2016 7:02:33 AM / by Chris Townsend

Chris Townsend

We've taken a look at the benefits of using Telecommunications to a business. Telecommuting is thought of as a business strategy rather than a limited set of perks for employees. Although, when it becomes part of an internal strategy and funded/evaluated appropriately, if can offer a whole host of business benefits.



Options. Options. Options.

Regional hiring becomes a non-issue. Employ the best people regardless of geographic limitations. The best candidate might not be within commuting distance.

Increased Productivity

Offices are actually very distracting environments. Workers routinely report that a telework environment, perhaps like the familiar team offsite, offers fewer disruptions.

Save on Cost

Having 80 offices instead of 100 provides obvious cost savings in property, utilities, furnishings, etc.

It's Green

Staff spend less time driving to customers and commuting from office to office. Telecommuters can have a huge impact on businesses carbon footprint. This same logic can be applied to telework programs.


What Can Pinnaca Do?

Pinnaca provides a variety of visual collaboration services:

Hosted services: Pinnaca offers a complete spectrum of cloud-based services that can be used independently or in conjunction with existing customer deployments.

Managed services: Pinnaca’s managed video service is a program in which Pinnaca will install, activate, support and manage "premise-based" equipment purchased by a customer.

Hardware sales and support: Pinnaca is a certified value-added reseller for leading brands of video conferencing, streaming, and unified communications solutions.

Pinnaca’s User Adoption Program: The company’s mission is to ensure its customers are “Comfortable, Competent, and Confident” when using their video solutions.



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Chris Townsend

Written by Chris Townsend

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