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Canada Shifts to Community Based Care Models Using Telemedicine, an Avizia Webinar

Jul 26, 2016 10:00:00 AM / by Pinnaca




Healthcare is becoming more distributed each year with the demand to reach remote patients in an affordable and modern way. Not only is the demand high for remote patient care, but also for staff and remote experts to be able to communicate with healthcare staff. Advances with telehealth technology enables greater reach, reduced cost, greater availability of resources, and a better patient-physician experience.

Our partners at Avizia explore the topic of Healthcare transformation in Canada with Dr. Kendall Ho, professor at the University of British Columbia, attending physician at the Vancouver General Hospital.


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The webinar explores:

  • What is driving community based care models
  • Distributed care and the new ‘medical home’
  • The positive impact of technology and data
  • Telehealth programs and practices
  • Trends and recommend actions


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