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Case Study: Starz Entertainment uses Cisco Meeting Server with Pinnaca Managed Services

Sep 20, 2016 10:00:00 AM / by Pinnaca Marketing

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Case Study: Starz Entertainment

Dialogue: "My name is Brett Thorson and I'm the manager of IT Client Operations for Starz. Starz is a leading, global media and entertainment company. The main use case of the solution was to share high quality content over a video conferencing solution. We do a lot of sharing between offices of video trailors, key art, anything else that is sort of involved in the creation of the show. We do a lot of internal video meetings with our 1,100 users plus we do a great deal of external video with producers and directors. We chose this solution for three main reasons; the first one being the high quality content share; the second one, having the ability to add room-based systems plus desktop users all into one video meeting; and the simplicity of the solution itself has been a big draw. Not only can you just fire it up in your browsers, but the video quality is fantastic as well. The potential to scale is very important to Starz because of the high adoption rate we've seen we need to be prepared for a much bigger user base. One particular endorsement of the solution is a show kick-off that we did. In this particular case, a high profile celebrity walked into the Beverly Hills office, saw myself and my A/V Engineer sitting in Denver, and looked at the video quality and said "Guys, you look fantastic." That sells a solution right there. The next steps we had planned for the solution are to integrate our Lync deployment in addition, the branding package is very important to us. As a media company, we are very concerned about how things look - right - and promoting our brand. Since we've deployed the solution, we've actually seen video calls go from 2-3 a month to 2-3 a day - it's been quite viral in its adoption."


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