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How Pinnaca Views Virtual Medicine: A Hybrid Approach

Mar 17, 2017, 10:56:43 AM / by Clive Sawkins

Clive Sawkins

Medical Option 4.jpgAs automation continues to gain momentum, many new and innovative applications are being suggested and implemented. Could we as a society be nearing the point of robots replacing general practitioners (GPs) in the medical field? Recent stories suggest that some organisations are indeed testing those waters, claiming that robots currently in development will soon be able to diagnose patients more accurately and quickly than any human being. 

Clive Sawkins CEO at Pinnaca, added his views to the ongoing discussion of robots replacing GPs for patient consultation within England and Wales.


Mr Sawkins commented:

Clive Sawkins.jpgAt Pinnaca Health our approach combines technology with people to deliver the right balance of personalised healthcare. Our vision is focused on providing easy-to-use, always-on visual communications services to enable healthcare professionals across the broad spectrum of the National Health Service (NHS) to make the most of their time and finite expert resources. Our mission is to improve health and secure high-quality healthcare for the people of England, now and for future generations.

Pinnaca Health is committed to listening and responding to the needs of the NHS and providing video conferencing solutions that:

  • Improve the quality of care and access to cancer treatment
  • Upgrade the quality of care and access to mental health and dementia services
  • Transform care for people with learning disabilities
  • Tackle obesity and prevent diabetes
  • Redesign urgent and emergency care services
  • Strengthen primary care services
  • Provide timely access to high-quality elective care
  • Ensure high-quality and affordable specialised care to transform commissioning
  • Control costs and enabling change

Want to find out more about Pinnaca Health and the services that it offers? Click below to get a personalised quote for your healthcare organisation. 

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Clive Sawkins

Written by Clive Sawkins