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Introducing the Superstructure of Things: a Pinnaca Whitepaper

Apr 28, 2017, 8:00:00 AM / by Pinnaca


Pinnaca, a leading provider of managed video conferencing, telepresence and visual collaboration services, has launched a new whitepaper, titled “Superstructure of Things” which outlines how Pinnaca has engineered a powerful cloud engine to automate the Unified Communication and Collaboration (UC&C) landscape.

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Taken from the term Internet of Things (IoT), Pinnaca coined the phrase, “Pinnaca Superstructure of Things” (PSoT) to describe an overarching architecture that creates common controls and monitoring around multiple platforms as well as universal reporting regardless of the underlying infrastructure. In one way, this can be seen as an umbrella that wraps itself around a particular technology. And, in quite another way, it is the glue that holds a whole system of disparate pieces together, creating a logical sequence of usable information, with no need to understand the structure that exists beneath.

At the core of its business, Pinnaca understands the science of communication and collaboration, helping companies focus on their core competencies. Clive Sawkins, Pinnaca CEO put it this way, “Communication and collaboration is at the core of every society. And innovating UC&C is at the core of Pinnaca. That’s why we’re a trusted adviser and provider to many of the world’s largest companies.”

In today’s digital economy, UC&C is at the heart of everything, and the need to simplify ever more complex systems of data and information is becoming more and more important. With highly dispersed workforces, the growth of IoT and connected devices, and the speed at which markets are changing, reliable and quality collaboration is essential. For Pinnaca, the opportunity is vast.

To view Pinnaca’s full “Superstructure of Things” Whitepaper click here.

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