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Navigating Business Communication Requirements in an International Setting

Apr 27, 2017 3:00:00 AM / by Pinnaca


aircraft-723888_1920.jpgNow that the UK Government has triggered Article 50, UK Businesses have entered a period of uncertainty as leaders work to determine a new deal with the EU.

Among the many concerns and considerations within this new reality is how companies in the UK will do business with the rest of the world. Studies by the National Institute for Economic and Social Research suggest that the adoption of Article 50 could lead to a long-term reduction in total UK trade with Europe of between 22% and 30%, unless Britain signs exactly the same free trade deal as it has now (which many in the EU have made clear they do not support).

Although the process itself could take several years to complete, the time is right for UK businesses to consider how they prepare themselves for a world “beyond Europe.” New opportunities for trade, recruitment and regional presence are predicted to open within geographical regions including Latin America and Asia, as they become prime targets for increased partnerships and opportunities.

UK Businesses are being encouraged to examine the prospect of expanding their presence on the global stage, with Europe being just one target market. To be successful in this expanded market, many UK businesses are deploying or enhancing visual communication and collaboration tools that will enable effective face-to-face communication with customers and partners any time, any place.

Pinnaca offers a consultative approach for deploying and managing global communication solutions with a strong understanding of the requirements for international trade.

Our visual and collaboration business portfolio offers a wide range of easy-to-use, always-on services that can be accessed from mobile devices, laptops, videoconferencing and Telepresence systems,” explains Pinnaca CTO Dan Tanel. “We have built our services based on the requirements of our customers, with a truly global 24x7x365 support team available via phone, email or video. As UK companies embark upon new trade agreements, we understand the importance of maintaining focus on your business today as you also evolve for future opportunities.”

At Pinnaca, our vision is focused on providing the right tools to meet the needs of your business as you look to

  • Minimise disruption to employee productivity, while developing new relationships and opportunities
  • Recruit and retain key resources in a wider employment marketplace
  • Manage travel costs and time as you grow your customer base and maintain your existing customers
  • Deploy remote and flexible working tools that enable your teams to work where and when they need to
  • Create and adapt business policies within the global marketplace
  • Enhance communication with geographically dispersed teams

If you would like to find out more about Pinnaca and the services we offer, click below with your question and a team member will be in touch.

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