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Pinnaca MCNC Case Study

Jan 17, 2017, 10:26:57 AM / by Pinnaca Marketing

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Pinnaca - MCNC Case Study

MCNC is a technology non-profit that builds, owns and operates a leading-edge broadband infrastructure for North Carolina’s research, education, non-profit healthcare and other community institutions. Located in Research Triangle Park, North Carolina, MCNC has 85 employees. 


MCNC Case Study - Key Points:


 Non Profit Non-Profit - Connecting North Carolina's Future Today.
Industry  Healthcare, K12, Colleges, Research and Education
 Business Need Business need - an infrastructure platform that would scale to meet the growing demand for video conferencing and recording
 Use Cases Key use cases: teleconferences, teleclasses, remote teleworkers, instructors, healthcare professional, students throughout North Carolina


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