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Pinnaca Professional Services Series: User Adoption & Training

Aug 31, 2017, 9:25:36 AM / by Pinnaca


User Adoption.jpgYou’ve got outstanding UC&C technology in place and you’re ready for a surge in collaboration, but there’s only one problem… no one is aware of your collaboration technology or if they are, they don’t understand how to use it!

Pinnaca has developed and refined a user adoption and training program that helps end-users to become comfortable, competent and confident with the visual communications software that is in place. Here’s what we’re after when providing user adoption services to customers:


Goals Benefits.jpg

New collaborative technology deployment requires a training program to ensure success. Employees and end-users that feel confident, competent and comfortable show continued use of your investment. Pinnaca offers continuous, comprehensive, instructional courses as a valuable component of our programs. If this sounds like the solution to complete your integration into enhanced corporate collaboration, reach out to us!


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