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Ashton Bentley: Meeting rooms of the future—All the technology, none of the complications! (by Samsung Display)

Apr 10, 2017 6:00:00 AM / by Pinnaca


In a recent article by Samsung Display, they address the issues around meeting collaboration and communication, and how, unfortunately, even in this age of technological advancements, meeting room technology often becomes a limiting factor due to complexity and lack of integration. With the mission of taking the stress out of meeting rooms, they explain how Ashton Bentley provides an integrated unified meeting room solutions that letting you focus on the meeting, not the set-up, regardless of where in the world they are deployed.

It designs and builds a range of out-of-the-box video conference, telepresence, and audio-visual presentation room environments. Ashton Bentley’s value proposition is to simplify all aspects of the deployment, operation, support, and management. This case study showcases the productive collaboration between Ashton Bentley (AB) and Samsung Display PID (SDC PID) to launch the meeting room technology of the future.


The challenge

Ashton Bentley was looking to simplify complex meeting room technology into a stress-free and distraction-free video collaboration solution. They recognized the two fundamental problems that meeting rooms face:

  1. Technology integration (hardware and software) is often complex and hard to set up, causing delays and derailing the meeting flows.
  2. Deployment and management of the meeting room technology are complicated and require additional investment and effort – whether it is one conference room or a network of hundred rooms across the globe.

The solution

To deliver on their vision, Ashton Bentley had to have strong partners. As a relatively small company, quality of components and supplier relationships were crucial for their success.  For this reason, they chose Samsung Display PID as a key display supply partner and Pinnaca as a remote management, monitoring, and metrics platform.


To read the full samsung article click here.

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