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The Pinnaca Video Seal of Approval

Feb 7, 2017 1:57:28 PM / by Rob Westwood

It can sometimes be hard to keep up with the latest and greatest technology. Whether network-782707_1280.pngit's the latest smart phone iteration or your fridge ordering your groceries, it's challenging to know before you take the plunge if they will work with your existing applications or workflows.
This challenge doesn't just affect consumers. IT management headaches are caused daily by new firmware releases, security patches and the introduction of new technologies into an already complicated environment. That new huddle room system that the marketing team wants to use to collaborate; that shiny immersive studio that finance needs for their investor call; that desktop video application that the development team needs to use, to speed up time to market. The list goes on and the matrix of compatibility questions and considerations goes through the roof.
Pinnaca Video Clipart.jpgWhatever innovative technology you're introducing, whether it's desktop video, huddle room or telepresence systems, we work in tandem with the major collaboration vendors (Cisco, Microsoft, Polycom, PEXIP, Vidyo, Ashton Bentley, Sony) to certify their devices on our managed service platforms. This certification process is considered the Pinnaca seal of approval, to give you peace of mind that we've tested the technology end to end. We let you focus on your core business and you can leave the rest to us. A great meeting experience is just around the corner.
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Rob Westwood

Written by Rob Westwood