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WHITEPAPER - Video Conferencing Challenges Facing the Global Enterprise

Nov 14, 2016, 9:16:24 AM / by Pinnaca Marketing

Pinnaca Marketing

WHITEPAPER: Video Conferencing Challenges Facing the Global Enterprise


Video conferencing solutions have come a long way over the past two decades, driven by impressive improvements in the three P’s - price, performance and plumbing. Indeed, while the average selling prices for group video conferencing systems have fallen from the $30-40K range to well under $10K, important features have become standard fare, including support for full motion 1080p video and rich, wideband audio. Meanwhile, recent social and cultural changes have made video a normal mode of communications for consumers as well as today’s enterprise knowledge workers. All of these developments are now being aided and abetted by multiple drivers, including:




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Covered: The NINE overlapping concerns global enterprises must address.

  1.  Manageability
  2.  24 x 7 support
  3.  Identification of business requirements
  4.  Cost effectiveness
  5.  Ease-of-use
  6.  Driving adoption
  7.  Security
  8.  BYOD Support
  9.  Network design

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