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Using Video Conferencing for Customer Service

Oct 19, 2016 4:26:57 AM / by Chris Townsend

Chris Townsend

Customer service representatives often come into contact with clients who are upset, confused and angry. When facing immediate issues your Customers want the problem diagnosed and fixed quickly. Pinnaca takes a look at how Video Conferencing in your Customer Service department can aid communication and problem solving.



The solution.


  •  Staff can quickly assess the situation, with Video Conferencing there are a host of options that allow them to view content if there is a technical issue they can view the customer's screen to talk them through the process.
  •  Staff are in direct contact with customers and can help calm a situation make customers feel like they matter, reducing tension and calming them down.
  •  Customers feel like they matter! With Video conferencing your staff member could stay with the customer throughout the whole process. If a problem needs to be escalated to a higher department they can simply invite that person into the room. Not only does this give the customer a sense of meaning but also they shouldn't end up explaining their issue to multiple different departments.
  •  One of the biggest advantages Video Conferencing offer is the 'Human Touch', when a customer can actually see who they are talking to face to face they feel more comfortable; your representative is no longer just the voice at the end of the phone, and if your staff are smart and presentable the customer may immediately get the sense they are in safe hands.
  •  Location, your staff are in a better position to help staff, whereas face to face they may not have access to all your secure information, at their desk they can talk directly to the customer, and even share what they see with them.
  •  Personal room, with Video Conferencing your customer service staff, can quickly invite troubled customers into a person meeting room where they can hold a face to face call.
  •  Video Conference calls can be recorded allowing your staff to easily log tickets and issues if a problem can not be resolved at the time and needs to be escalated all the problems encountered and steps taken are recorded.

Using Video Conferencing, like that provided by Pinnaca, can offer your staff the ability to talk directly with your customers and solve their issues whilst offering them a unique and personal service. Your staff will benefit from having quick access to crucial information about your customers problem, allowing them to solve issues more efficiently.

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Chris Townsend

Written by Chris Townsend

Marketing Specialist, London Office