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What the research shows - Video in the Workplace

Aug 1, 2016 6:59:28 AM / by Chris Townsend

Chris Townsend

Over the past 20 years, both large and small companies have used video conferencing systems to enable shared meeting and collaboration spaces for their employees to use; these can range from departmental conference rooms to executive boardrooms and auditoriums. Video Conferencing systems have traditionally used industry standard technology (H.323 and SIP/ H.263 and H.264), although, that's beginning to change.


Communication in the workplace


Employees are now, however, moving towards the more 'personal' approach to video collaboration services that run on a desktop, internet browsers or a mobile device are quickly becoming the norm, making visual communications a familiar, everyday, natural activity.

As a result, companies today are looking for ways to integrate existing video deployments and conference room systems with personal video collaboration tools to improve their businesses efficiency. This aims to combine high-quality user experience of the conference room with the convenience and familiarity of the personal device, keeping in mind six objectives:

  • Enable large numbers of information workers and small collaboration rooms.
  • Fostering collaboration
  • Higher performance, lower cost video conferencing products
  • A video environment that scales cost-effectively
  • Supports B2B and B2C communications.
  • Embedding video into their sales and other business workflows, using video not just to save costs, but also to drive top line revenues.

Research conducted by Wainhouse Research 2015 in association with Pinnaca


What Can Pinnaca Do?:

Pinnaca provides a variety of visual collaboration services:

Hosted services: Pinnaca offers a complete spectrum of cloud-based services that can be used independently or in conjunction with existing customer deployments.

Managed services: Pinnaca’s managed video service is a program in which Pinnaca will install, activate, support and manage "premise-based" equipment purchased by a customer.

Hardware sales and support: Pinnaca is a certified value-added reseller for leading brands of video conferencing, streaming, and unified communications solutions.

Pinnaca’s User Adoption Program: The company’s mission is to ensure its customers are “Comfortable, Competent, and Confident” when using their video solutions.



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