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WHITEPAPER - Critical Issues Facing Collaboration Planners & IT Decision Makers Part IV

Jul 14, 2016, 1:48:31 PM / by Pinnaca Marketing

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Integrating Microsoft Skype for Business into Your Video Strategy

Knowledge workers today have been flocking to personal video conferencing systems – solutions that run on familiar desktop and mobile devices and that are making visual communications a familiar, everyday, natural activity.  Skype for Business is playing a dominant role in this trend.

The result is that enterprises today are looking for ways to integrate their existing video deployments and conference room systems with Skype for Business.  The goal is to combine the high-quality user experience of the conference room with the convenience and familiarity of the personal device.

This whitepaper explains the objectives of Skype for Business and what both businesses and IT managers need to do to ensure successful integration into an enterprise's video strategy.




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What You'll Learn:

  • Skype for Business demandand deploying it with existing video and conference room systems / technology
  • Questions to ask when considering Skype for Business in your environment
  • 5-Step process for deploying a Skype for Business solution 

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