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The Insider’s Guide to Free Versus Premium Video Conferencing

Apr 26, 2016 10:00:00 AM / by Pinnaca


Freemium-or-premium.jpgLiving in a “Freemium” World

You’ve probably heard the names Skype, Google Hangouts, and Facetime. At some point you maybe even used their software for video communication. Making calls are pretty simple, they seem intuitive, and several offer high definition video and sound that can be seen on most devices, from laptops to cell phones. When it comes to video communication for business – that’s where the benefits end. Who do you call when the video stops working, freezes, or is not compatible with your device? How many people are you trying to conference in on the call and what technical knowledge do you need?

Moving to a “Premium” World

Living in a video-centric world is just your luck to find the perfect premium conferencing solution. Don’t let the name premium deter you. Rather, think of it as an upgrade to save you time and frustrations, with features such as:

  •         Enhanced video and sound quality
  •         Managed services from professional technicians
  •         Web browser ready, view without having to install software
  •         Secure pin management
  •         Safe, secured endpoints
  •         Built in and managed address book with contact information
  •         Conference in people on other platforms, such as Lync and Skype

And, just imagine not having to deal with pesky technology issues. While most free software offers a customer service line, you definitely won’t get the same attention and you might run into language barriers. Premium packages ensure you get the time and attention you need. Some even include an operator who can manage the back-end of your call – adjusting the cameras, sound and even bringing others into the conference. All you have to do is show up!

Still Not Convinced?

In 2015, Wainhouse Research and Polycom surveyed 4, 737 end-users of video conferencing systems all over the world from multiple companies. They found that video conferencing not only helped 88% of employees feel more connected, but they also discovered that 94% of the businesses reported increased productivity and efficiency.

So there you have it – free software is convenient, but doesn’t include nearly as many upgrades and added services as premium. You will notice a greater experience with service and software when using premium video conferencing for business.

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