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Pinnaca on the button at ISE

Feb 14, 2017, 9:28:28 AM / by Rob Westwood

Last week we exhibited at Integrated Systems Europe 2017 in Amsterdam. We exhibited at the show in partnership with Ashton Bentley to launch a new managemISE Expo 2017 Exterior.jpgent platform called abSee that we have developed to focus on the user experience. The focus on user experience resonated with all of the customers that we have spoken with this week and it really seemed to be a common theme of the show, as we met with many of the vendors and manufacturers. Click here to view a slideshow of images from the event. 
The age old issues associated with poor user experiences and feeling overwhelmed by the technology is being heard loud and clear by a number of the vendors and there does now seem a realisation that the user experience is key and the number of widgets, gizmo's and features (that never get used) are frankly unimportant to the only people that matter; the user.
At Pinnaca, our mantra has always been that 'we're only as good as the last user experience' and as technology evolves and customer environments become more complex, it's important that the services that surround those solutions keep pace and continue to 'wow' the user. That's why we're so excited about our new platform.
The Meeting Room of the Future.jpgThe new abSee management platform allows customers to have end to end visibility of their Ashton Bentley room systems and provides full remote control of the room with real time support for their in-room users. Now you can see how your users are interacting with the service and we (or our customers) can provide proactive support, all within a few button clicks. 
In addition to the user support, the platform provides real time diagnostics to monitor the room and more importantly provide real time alerts if things go wrong. These alerts are viewable on a local dashboard for AV and IT teams, with ticketing and workflow integration allowing support teams to really wow the user. These support teams could be the customer's support desk, their partners support desk or can be provided as a service from Pinnaca.
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Rob Westwood

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