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Thank You from Pinnaca CTO, Dan Tanel

Jun 29, 2017, 11:56:31 AM / by Dan Tanel

Dan Tanel

Dan Tanel - Website.jpgThank you all for the thoughtful notes of congratulations in regards to my 13-year anniversary at Pinnaca! As I look back, I am amazed at what this company has accomplished, we've come a long way since our early days when we had two offices and a hand full of loyal video customers. Now, we've been fortunate enough to expand on a global level and serve some of the largest brands around the world!

Connecting people in the way that we do is extremely rewarding and has generated some very happy and memorable moments for me and my colleagues at Pinnaca. There is a certain brand of humor that those who use video solutions all understand. For example, many of us work from our "home office." As you might imagine that makes for some interesting video backdrops, such as pots and pans hanging behind someone in their kitchen, or having your children walk in and innocently interrupt you during a business meeting (We all remember that hilarious viral video of a certain BBC interview from a few months back - LOL!). It's also fair to assume that many video participants dress in business attire from the waist up, sporting their most comfortable shorts as they conduct business from their virtual workplace.

Aside from some of these funny moments, there's also a massive amount of important work happening because of video collaboration. Companies are using these services to be more productive than ever. We're reaching people far and wide, whether we're connecting parents to their children staying in a hospital or connecting a business to its oil rig located in the middle of the ocean, truly amazing things are happening because of video.

I love this space! Every day is a fun day because of the dedicated people that continue to work hard to change the way the world communicates, one face-to-face meeting at a time!

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Dan Tanel

Written by Dan Tanel

Chief Technology Officer, Toronto Office